The Business Mindset

According to Psychology Today ‘relationships are the biggest reason for business failure’

How can you reduce the costs of relational strain or breakdown in business?
How does an entrepreneur build a complementary and collaborative team? How can conflict between team members be turned to collaboration and cooperation?
How can you identify the factors needed to complement your existing team?

The costs of relational breakdown are substantial in any area of life. In business they include:

Long term costs can blight someone’s life and relationships through loss of confidence and other psychological barriers to business activity and risk. You do not leave your cashflow, sales and marketing or accounting to chance in business. Why would you leave your relationships to chance when the costs can be so severe?

Business Mindset is a psychometric profile that enables you to understand yourself and your colleagues in ways that will

Business Mindset uses concepts and language that are
Business Mindset will enhance your understanding yourself and of your colleagues to make different personalities in a team Business Mindset therefore Business Mindset measures 8 parameters Business Mindset profile can be used for

Business Mindset Motivational Styles

Four Motivation Styles – what motivates you to work to your capacity and how does that interact positively or negatively with colleagues